This is a text version of the main photo slideshow on this webpage.

Slide 1. Welcome to Sunrise Drive Elementary.

Slide 2. Sunrise Drive Elementary playground.

Slide 3. Three students playing Chinese musical instruments.

Slide 4. Chinese Immersion class.

Slide 5. Four students sharing an iPad.

Slide 6. Students busy in classroom.

Slide 7. Students playing basketball.

Slide 8. Two students in SDES garden.

Slide 9. Large display of student artwork.

Slide 10. Teacher and student hoola hooping.

Slide 11. Students and teacher hoola hooping.

Slide 12. Group of students on playground

Slide 13. Students working on math.

Slide 14. Parent Teacher conference.

Slide 15. Outdoor exercise class.

Slide 16. Outdoor science project.

Slide 17. Playground full of students.

Slide 18. Trunk or Treat.

Slide 19. Robotics class.

Slide 20. Students work with legos.

Slide 21. Robotics teacher instructing class.

Slide 22. Three students with ipad.

Slide 23. Teacher reading to students outdoors.


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